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So, this new song/video from True Neutral Crew is some kinda blissy ambient pop thing at the start (I like this featured singer, Algodon Egipeio) and then this great draggy slint thing starts going on the low end and it feels like the earth moving to reveal waterfalls. Then IE shows up with a really good verse with chimey bits behind it and it’s like, “damn, this is cresting as some kind of Wu Tang + Sonic Youth fever and then Egipeio comes back and it’s like, hard-cut-as-third-eye-headache-relief.

Anyhow, they are playing in la on Thursday and I’m very excited because clipping are also going to be there and I like clipping very much.

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when u find something worth getting excited about, get excited about it


on thursday night i saw some of my favorite acts from the Deathbomb Arc record label perform (clipping., True Neutral Crew, tik///tik, as well as Filthy Huns and Robedoor from Not Not Fun Records), it was a really fun show and I met a lot of great people. in fact I got so excited about the show that I went ahead and wrote a nerdgasm facebook status about it a few hours afterward and now i don’t think i’ll ever be invited back to (the) Handbag Factory let alone be able to show my face to any of my friends who actually live in los angeles/work in underground music scenes here

clipping.’s power went out during “Body and Blood” so we stomped out the tempo and Diggs rapped over it a capella

it was surreal to see True Neutral Crew live, i never thought i’d be dancing to those songs in person. especially cool to see the Margot Padilla rapping in “Can’t Stop Loving You,” snagged her solo vinyl after the show

tik///tik was brilliant whoof what a gorgeous noise set snagged a cassette, also Signor Benedick the Moor’s new cd. he was all over everybody’s sets

idk man i guess i nerd out over all these Deathbomb acts because i am in love with the music and they all deserve a ton of praise for what they’re doing. It definitely seemed like most of the people there were already friends/knew each other through something so I thought it was nice of people to be kind to the “outsiders” like me and some of the other people who came out to the show by themselves. This was also my first outing to a live music show since moving back from Santa Cruz and I guess I was a little skittish about seeking out any possible Los Angeles avant-garde scene and making it feel tangible but this showcase was more than satisfactory in that regard. I wanted to shake everyone’s hand and may have appeared overeager talking to a few of them but honestly I just wanted them all to feel like celebrity heroes because to a lot of people that’s what they are. i don’t know i feel like it’s important to let people know that you appreciate them

also, as always, tons of inspiration for my own live set

[wish Chelsea could have seen it, long live Department Store]

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