For me, still one of the most exciting and notable things about Kurt Cobain reaching such an incredible level of stardom is how vocal he was in his support of experimental and underground music. In nearly every interview he did, Kurt talked about strange bands people should check out. To this day, that is still a huge anomaly for the open mindedness and benevolence of a rock star. It also painted a backdrop for the sort of open mindedness that defined the 90s.

I see a similar open mindedness in the current LA group clipping. Their bold combination of nearly beatless noise and slick, super fast rapping really defies genre expectations. On their tumblr they post tons of videos noted as “precedent” or their influences. It is a really nice theme for their work and I’ve learned so much both about rap and experimental music through these posts they do. I highly recommend following their tumblr, which is here.

If you are in LA tonight, they are performing at Sync Space as a part of the Deathbomb Showcase.

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